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  1. Steve, if I’d known, I’d have loaned you my copy of WordPress for Dummies (it exists, I own it). Turns out you didn’t need it though — this site is wonderful!

  2. I couldn’t agree more that songwriting can be a spiritual practice as that’s how I approach and teach it. I have a wonderful retreat coming up in September to share my practice which creates ease and flow, along with 3 other teachers who are acclaimed, best selling, award winning and top charting artists! Would love to invite you and your readers. Check out info at http://www.conscioussongwritingretreat.com

  3. Steve – I stumbled upon this page as I was searching the lyrics of this song that I know from Slaid. Hand’t realized it was a co-write (thanks to CD cases being shelved as soon as I convert CDs to digital files). This is the musical companion to my favorite poem, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” The poem speaks to a work ethic inherited from my truck-driver father and the “miles to go before I sleep” represent that trudgery to get a job done in the long, difficult hours. Your song takes it a step further and crosses the boundary from physical to the spiritual. The everyday challenges wear us down and wear us down – and we get to a point of needing that positive break – a sign – that it is worth it. The reward will eventually come and “free” us from the difficulty. At least we hope. Your song really captures the moments of trepidation and doubt, taking shortcuts and wondering if that itself will eventually cost us the grace we’re seeking in reward for all this work. It inspires me.

    I ask nothing of you. Just sharing my deep felt feelings about a song that I may some day have a line or two tattoo’d on my body. “Will your darkest hour write a blank check on your soul?”

    Music is a form of spirituality for me, I suppose. It gives me peace, inspiration and hope. THANK YOU for your work. It has touched me.

    • Thanks for sharing your comment, Lance. “One Good Year” has turned out to be a meaningful song for lots of people, which makes it even more meaningful for me. And I’ll take a comparison to Robert Frost as a very high compliment.

  4. I am an 80 yr. old female. I have been a fan of Pete’s since I was a teenager. I was fortunate to see him many,many times in concert with the Weavers and see him volunteering in his home area where my children live.