Bulletproof (1997)


Steve’s most intimate and acoustic album, sweetened by the Celtic harmonies of Jackie Kemmy-James.



Steve’s extends his folk balladry in gentler and more personal directions, with songs about growing up and the hard lessons that none of us are bulletproof. Highlights are a bittersweet farewell to New Orleans, an ode to staying home with a loved one and a tribute to the late, great Townes Van Zandt. Jackie Kemmy-James harmonizes throughout and sings lead on his inspirational observation, “A single new star rearranges a whole constellation.”


“Steve Brooks is well equipped. When poignancy, humour, humanity and poetic licences were handed out, he must have been on the receiving end for a considerable amount of time, because he possesses all these qualities in almost alarming dimensions…standing clearly in the great tradition of people like the late Townes Van Zandt or the somewhat lesser known Steve Fromholz.”
     – Rambles Magazine


Come a Little Bit Closer • The Checking Out • Straight From My Heart to Yours • Wings of Daylight • I Don’t Brake for BMW’s • A Single New Star • Most of the Time • You Would Not Know Lovin’ • Now and Then • New Orleans • Bulletproof • I Change My Mind

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