WordPress for Aggies

It’s taken me only three months to build myself a new website on WordPress. When I observed that I was now qualified to write “WordPress for Dummies,” having committed every boo-boo a novice possibly could, several of my friends expressed interest. Apparently, there are a lot of dummies out there who want to build themselves websites.

Now that I can see the locomotive at the end of the tunnel, I’m ready to share a bit of what I’ve learned through trial and error, mostly through the latter. But I don’t want to infringe on any trademarks, and besides, I’m from Austin, where we have another popular name for the intellectually challenged. Here, then, is a first installment of “WordPress for Aggies.”

(To be continued…)

2 thoughts on “WordPress for Aggies

  1. Steve, if I’d known, I’d have loaned you my copy of WordPress for Dummies (it exists, I own it). Turns out you didn’t need it though — this site is wonderful!

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