I’ll Take You Home (2015)


Steve’s 7th CD, produced with Jeffrey Glenn Tveraas, explores the meanings of home – and whether we can go there again.



Sixty years ago, a young man and woman met at a roller rink outside Houston. Their love story, covering half a century and half the globe, provides the centerpiece for I’ll Take You Home, the fifth full-length album by singer-songwriter Steve Brooks. Many of the songs explore the meanings of home — where we find it and how we keep it standing, against the twin winds of age and economy. As in the Americana classic One Good Year, which Steve wrote with Slaid Cleaves, his characters are chasing grace, in a world in which grace ain’t so easily found.


“It’s been a long time coming, but its source is the same wit, insight, and pointed musical power that Brooks has been cultivating for so long. Couldn’t be more folk-conscious or more Texan, and I’m ready for it!”
     – Jenni Mansfield Peal, “Everybody’s Folk,” KNON-FM, Dallas


“Brooks reminds me of fellow singer-songwriters Pat Alger and Bill Staines; who likewise are meticulous in their writing and gentle in their delivery and in touch with the love, joy and fears of the everyday ordinary folk. Solid and honest as the day is long; Brooks is a man of many talents not least writing songs.”
     – Maurice Hope, Flyin Shoes Review, UK


Chasing Grace • Haunted Heart • I’ll Take You Home • Juliet • King of My World • Don’t Tell Me I’m Obsolete • The Best is Yet to Come • Austin Found • Yoga Lady • Live with the Questions • Still Got a Littler Wild in Me • I’ll Pretend to be Your Prince

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