Sex, Lies and Videotape (1999)


The best songs from Steve’s year of writing a song-a-week for Jim Hightower’s radio talk show. 



In 1998-99, Steve was writing a song-a-week for Hightower Radio, hosted by beloved Austin hellraiser Jim Hightower. Every Wednesday, he performed a new tune live, broadcast on more than 100 stations coast to coast. From Bill Clinton to Bill Gates, his first foray into political satire was a comic warm-up for the Dubya years. This disc collects 12 of his best. Some of them, like I Wanna Get a Nuclear Weapon and The Great Divide, remain as timely as ever.

(Note: This CD is out of print, but it’s still available as a MP3 download. Upon ordering the album, you’ll receive a download link by email.)


“Like Woody Guthrie in the ‘Thirties, Steve entertains us and informs us at the same time.”
– Jim Hightower


What Did the President Do? • American Underpants • The Great Divide • Jesus • Singing to Cambodia • Chainsaw Al • The Best Little Death House in Texas • I Wanna Get a Nuclear Weapon • Where Did the Money Go? • The New World Order Waltz

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