Brooks versus Bush (2003-04)


Steve’s best political songs from the era of the Shrub, back when we thought George W. Bush was as low as a POTUS could get.



2 albums in 1, this CD collects songs from Steve’s antiwar EP Fever (2003) and his election-year EP Bushwhacked (2004). It moves from stiletto satire to the thought-provoking Normal No More and the rabble-rousing anthem The Terrorists Have Won. Best listened to before January 20, 2009.

(Note: This CD is out of print, but it’s still available as a MP3 download. Upon ordering the album, you’ll receive a download link by email.)


“Brooks’ offerings are cloaked in humanism and depth…Hats off to him for taking a stand and painting a more comprehensive picture, one that arcs beyond further death and destruction as the sole solution for a terrible tragedy and world-wide problem.”
– Kevin McCarthy, “Kevin’s Celtic & Folk Music CD Reviews”


“Steve Brooks’ ‘BushWhacked’ gives us Bush-bashing with a Texas twang. His EP of the same name also features the clever “Inhale to the Chief,” originally written for the O. Henry Pun Off. Ironically, the best song of the lot, ‘America, My Dream,’ never mentions Bush, though the repudiation of his presidency is inherent.”

– Austin Chronicle


The Terrorists Have Won • Normal No More • Fever • The Silence of the Lambs •
Are You Better Off Now? • BushWhacked • Osama in the Autumn • Trickle Up •
Inhale to the Chief • America, My Dream

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