You Would Not Know Lovin’

You Would Not Know Lovin’

“I still want all those things,” she told me. “I just don’t want them with you.” Awhile later, we were both at a song circle when a fan requested this song. Which shows why it’s dangerous to piss off a songwriter.

You said you wanted love to last for all eternity.
Now you say that you still want it,
You just don’t want it with me.
I shouldn’t take it personal, that your standards I don’t meet.
So let me tell you, darlin’,
As you put me on the street:

You got no heart.
You got no soul.
You got no shame.
You got no class.
And you would not know lovin’,
If it bit you in the ass.

I ran into that other guy, the last one that you burned.
He spoke of how you reamed him out,
From stem up to the stern.
And though we were as different as different could be,
You found the same things wrong with him
You said were wrong with me.


And if there’s any justice for these tears you put me through,
Well, paybacks sure can be a bitch,
But honey, so are you.
I’ll have the last laugh, darlin’, every time they play this song.
You’ll be standing by the jukebox
When everybody sings along:

No, you would not know lovin’
If it bit you, bit you, bit you
In the ass.

Bluebonnet Border SkinnyWords and music © 1997 by Steve Brooks and Frog Records
(512) 440-7668
[email protected]


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