Wings of Daylight

Wings of Daylight

To love is to fly. Many of the songs on “Bulletproof” look for beauty in the heart of darkness.

There’s a beauty born of sadness
Like a frame around your face,
A reckless kind of living
That a smile cannot erase,
A history that’s written
Every shadow, every line,
But there’s no need to reveal that now.
Tonight, there’s only you and I.

Cover girls and captains,
Savages and queens,
So many loves we both have known
They shuffled through our dreams.
We may have loved before,
Another life, another time.
It’s all just ancient history.
Tonight, there’s only you and I.

We’ll tumble through the trap door
That’s right beneath our feet.
Hold nothing but the moment
In our arms so warm and sweet.
Until the wings of daylight
Come sweep in from the street,
And we fly away, fly away –
Bye, bye.

I’m praying to you, my love to take,
Tonight as I lay me down to sleep.
And if you should fly before I wake
We’ll have one more memory to keep.

It’s funny, you can know someone
And never really know.
Passion is a flash flood –
It rages and it flows,
And in the end the mystery
Is all we leave behind,
And it’s all that ever mattered, love.
Tonight, there’s only you and I.


Bluebonnet Border SkinnyWords and music © 1996 by Steve Brooks and Kay Elmore
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