Where Did the Money Go?

Where Did the Money Go?

During the interlude between the Cold War and the War on Terror, neoconservative author Francis Fukuyama declared the end of history and the triumph of liberal democracy and free-market capitalism. Those who knew better were following the money, as the rich got richer while economies collapsed across Southeast Asia and Latin America – and finally, the USA.

Seems like only yesterday, tomorrow looked so bright.
History was over, and the good guys won the fight.
A new day was a-dawning, far beyond the fallen wall,
A world of opportunity, prosperity for all.
I guess that anyone can see,
Whoever won that war, it wasn’t you and me.

Oh, oh, where did the money go?
Oh, oh, where did the money go?
Oh, oh, where did the money go?
Oh, oh, where did the money go?
Oh, oh, where did the money go?
Oh, oh, where did the money go?
I’ve got to know.

Seems like only yesterday, our hearts were full of hope.
Now it seems they’re selling us the same old brand of soap.
It’s the same the whole world over, from Japan to Mexico.
Saying to the middle class, “How low can you go?”
Now that they’ve set the money free,
I think it’s time to do the same for you and me.


Now it’s a different kind of cold war.
It pits the rich against the poor.

Seems like only yesterday, stocks were riding high.
The market was on fire, and the limit was the sky.
Now we watch them tumble, and we have to ask the question:
Is this just a stumble, or is this the next depression?
This ain’t the end of history.
Whatever happens next, it’s up to you and me.


Somebody knows.
The truth…is out there.

Bluebonnet Border SkinnyWords and music © 1998 by Steve Brooks and Frog Records
(512) 440-7668


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