What Did the President Do?

What Did the President Do?

The week we learned to say “Lewinsky,” and America forgot weighty issues of war and peace in favor of a good, old-fashioned sex scandal.

What did the president do?
Who was he doing it to?
Somebody’s telling the truth,
But I don’t know who.
What did the president do?
Who was he doing it to?
It’s the naked truth, for five long years
He’s been doing it to me and you.

Old Slick Willie’s got a dilly of a problem
That’s what the papers say.
He found him a filly,
And he went willy-nilly,
And now there’s a price to pay.

Now old Ken Starr, he’s got a vendetta,
So he set her up a wire for sound.
He caught her confessing
‘Bout some serious messing
When the president’s pants were down.


While the media’s fishing
For telling and kissing
There’s a story they’re missing, for sure.
How most politicians
Assume the position
Of being a corporate whore.

While the rich get richer
And the poor get kippered,
In the land of the Brave and Free,
The one getting done
Ain’t a girl of twenty-one.
It’s the likes of you and me.


Bluebonnet Border SkinnyWords and music © 1998 by Steve Brooks and Frog Records
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