The River is a Woman

The River is a Woman (Terlingua Trilogy, Pt. 1)

A love song, inspired by a canoe trip through Boquillas Canyon, and tales of Big Bend raft guides from Terlingua taverns.

I met her in the springtime.
She was racing down the canyons.
I longed to make her spirit mine,
So I left my old companions.
I learned to read her restless moods,
To keep myself from harm.
I learned to watch the hidden rocks
Underneath the calm.

The river is a woman,
With milk-white hair that foams and flows.
The river is a woman.
She’s easy to love, but hard to know.
The river guards her freedom.
She won’t be true to any man,
And I love this wild woman
Men call the Rio Grande.

She lived here long before I came,
Ten million years and counting.
Together with the wind and rain
She cuts her way through mountains.
And still her work is never done,
By morning, night or noon.
She’s got to bring more mountains down,
And make more deserts bloom.


I make my living running rafts.
And showing her off to strangers.
Sometimes I just have to laugh,
When they ask about the dangers.
I tell them she can break my bones,
But I always will forgive her.
And if, some day, she won’t let go,
I want to come back as a river.


Bluebonnet Border SkinnyWords and music © 1993 by Steve Brooks and Frog Records
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