Osama in the Autumn

Osama in the Autumn

In 2004, rumors were rife that an October Surprise would be the capture of Bin Laden. As it turned out, he emerged from his cave just long enough to shoot an election video.

Twice as mean as a piranha,
How’s it feel to be
The world’s most wanted man,
Somewhere in Pakistan?
You’re gone, but not

Now they’ve got you where they wanna,
Could it be, they’re gonna
Leave you where you lay,
Till about election day?
We’ll be seeing you, Osama,
In the autumn.

You can call me a cynic,
But at the last minute,
They’ve played a few tricks on the voters.
We’ve all gotten wise
To the kind of surprises
That seem to arrive in October.

When they’re talking ’bout Yo Mama,
Could it be they’re gonna
Let you rule the roost,
Till the big guy needs a boost
When his polls have hit
The bottom?

In your underground cabana,
Are you gonna be their
Arab in the Hole
When we’re going to the polls,
The Republican Nirvana?
Not today and not manana,
But we’ll be seeing you, Osama,
In the autumn.

Bluebonnet Border SkinnyWords and music © 2004 by Steve Brooks and Frog Records
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