Normal No More

Normal No More

Several of my friends lost loved ones when the twin towers went down. They – and the country we share – were left to find our ways home.

When the morning still breaks,
And you lay there awake,
With the biscuits and bacon
You smell through the door.
The coffee’s still strong,
And there’s dew on the lawn,
But you know along
You’ll be normal no more.

And you know you can cope
With the smell of the smoke.
It’s the memory of hope that’s so hard to endure,
When there’s too much to feel,
Too soon to be healed,
And what used to be real
Can be normal no more.

Normal no more,
Be normal no more.
It all looked so different
Just a moment before.
What you used to call peace
Was the start of the war.
And the words can’t explain,
‘Cause the words ain’t the same
When they’re normal no more.

Now you’re home from your work,
And you’re changing your shirt,
To be digging the dirt
And then doing the chores.
But the clock on the wall
Says it’s after the fall,
And the mirror in the hall
Shows what’s normal no more.

And there may come a time,
When you lie ‘neath the vine
With a bottle of wine
And your feet off the floor.
When there’s nothing to trust,
But the dust into dust,
And the sun that comes up
On what’s normal no more.

And life will go on,
While you find your way home
To what’s normal no more.

Bluebonnet Border SkinnyWords and music © 2002 by Steve Brooks and Frog Records
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