Most of the Time

Most of the Time

I heard a dove as I was waking
Calling out to his true lover.
As my coffee I was making,
I heard him cry over and over.
I turned up the television,
Drowning out the sound of wishing.

As I was driving on the freeway,
Stuck out in the morning traffic.
I was listening to the deejay,
Spinning all the country classics.
You must have given him that playlist,
‘Cause he was playing all your favorites.

Most of the time, you are not on my mind,
And I do the things I need to do.
It’s just now and then that I miss you again,
But I’m trying to keep myself in line,
Most of the time.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m wasting time.
Sometimes, there’s just no denying.
Sometimes, I wish I had taken time
Before time went a-flying.

As I was calling round this morning,
I accidentally got your number.
Heard your voice on your recording,
It hit me like a clap of thunder.
And as as they pulled me from the wreckage,
I think I finally got your message.

But I’m fine, really, I am fine
Most of the time.

Bluebonnet Border SkinnyWords and music © 1995 by Steve Brooks and Frog Records
(512) 440-7668
[email protected]


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