Hurt Me Tonight

Hurt Me Tonight

Since we fell in love, my life has been so different.
I’ve checked out of Heartbreak Hotel.
I’ve never known bliss as blissful as this.
In my dreams, I can hear wedding bells
There’s only one worm in our apple of love,
That’s causing me anguish and fear.
You see, I’m a songwriter, but I’m sad to say
I haven’t written a song all year.

So, won’t you hurt me tonight,
Honey, I need to write
Another hard luck love song.
I need heartache and woe
To make my juices flow.
You would do me so right,
If you’d only hurt me tonight.

Ninety percent of all songs in the world
Are songs about misery and pain.
Where boy meets girl, and then boy gets girl,
And then girl gets hit by a train.
If no one spilled tears while drinkin’ their beers,
Or had lipstick smears to explain,
Then no one would listen to my songs anymore.
I’d have to get a day job again.


Yeah, it sure would be sweet,
If you started to cheat,
You could do it right under my nose.
I told my best friend
I’ll be gone the whole weekend.
I’m leaving him a change of clothes.
Yeah, and it sure would be great
If you stayed out too late
Or never came home at all,
If you called to wish me well,
From some out-of-state motel,
And made it a collect call.

Now, I’m so desperate tonight,
That I’m starting to write
A song about not writing songs.
I can’t write like Hank,
‘Less my heart’s in the tank.
But if you hit me tonight,
I might have a hit song by dawn.

So won’t you hurt me tonight?
Darling, please,
Won’t you hurt me tonight?
I’m down on my knees,
Take pity on my plight,
Do something out of spite,
Indulge your worst vice,
Really mess up my life,
And hurt me tonight —
Help me suffer through the night.

Bluebonnet Border SkinnyWords and music © 1992 by Steve Brooks and Frog Records
(512) 440-7668
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