Half an Inch of Heaven

Half an Inch of Heaven

I’ve been living in this limbo
That I’ve learned to love too well,
After one too many tumbles
Out of heaven down to hell.
I thought love would be the answer,
But I guess I learned my lesson.
When I fell in love and found out
Love was just another question.
Now you ask me to believe, one more time,
That love can turn water into wine.

But I see half-an-inch of heaven
In the smile that you show me,
And I think the rest of heaven
Might be just around the bend.
And heaven is the place
Where all the rainbows end,
And all the love I’ve given
Rises to the sky and falls on me again.

Since I’ve learned to live alone
I have enjoyed my company.
My life has been much richer
Than I dreamed that it could be.
So I’m listing all the reasons
Why you could not make me happy,
But they seem to fall to pieces
When you start looking at me.
Your tenderness is so tempting,
Makes me long to believe in redemption.


Bluebonnet Border SkinnyWords and music © 1992 by Steve Brooks and Frog Records
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