Iraq was a whipping post for three presidents. I wrote the first version of this song in 1998, when Bill Clinton was dropping bombs. I wrote the second version during the run-up to Shock and Awe, when most of the “liberal” media were having an acid trip about weapons of mass destruction.

There’s a black plague, coming to you.
A black plague, worse than the flu.
A black plague, it’s easy to catch,
Especially if you live in Iraq.
It’s a

Fever, for going to war.
Fever, it isn’t a cure.
Fever, deadly for sure,
And they’re writing a prescription for more.

Seems like the whole administration
Is needing some decontamination.

Boy George is babbling mad,
He wants revenge for what happened to dad.
And the whole world can go take a walk,
‘Cause he’s the biggest kid on the block.
He’s got a


I bet Osama is full of delight,
‘Cause the White House is proving him right.
If those Arabs were a little upset,
Well, baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Media all across the nation
Are having a mass hallucination.

Right now, we need a vaccine
For the propaganda machine.
Step back, off of the brink
And think about seeing a shrink.
‘Cause there’s a


Bluebonnet Border SkinnyWords and music © 2002 by Steve Brooks and Frog Records
(512) 440-7668
[email protected]


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