Deep in My Heart is Texas

Deep in My Heart is Texas

I was in Dublin (Ireland – not Dublin, Texas, which used to brew the world’s best Dr. Pepper) when I started this reply song to “London Homesick Blues.” I finished it after a year in Texas and plenty of research on Shiner Bock.

I was born ‘neath a big lone star,
Educated in a Texas bar.
I am a Texan born and bred.
I’ll be a Texan when I’m dead.
But my star’s been a wandering one,
And I live now in London town —
A place where they’ve never heard of Shiner Beer.
But nevertheless, I have never gotten homesick here.

Because, deep in my heart is Texas,
And I’ve never been disconnected
Far from the soul of the state I love,
Though I have flown like a lonesome dove.
All I have to do is to close my eyes
Start to dream of the endless skies,
And ‘fore I realize
It, I’m in Texas.

Now, Wainright’s Pub is the place I go
After the Ascot rodeo,
Wearing my hat and my snakeskin boots
Spreading around my newfound loot.
Then I start to singin’ a Bob Wills song,
And soon the whole place starts to sing along,
‘Bout the girls that they left behind in their native lands,
For them, it’s the Thames, and for me, it’s the Rio Grande.


Because Texas is where my heart is,
And deep in my heart is Texas.

Bluebonnet Border SkinnyWords and music © 1991 by Steve Brooks and Frog Records
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