Bottomless Love

Bottomless Love

TheBottomless Love 2re’s a look in your eyes, when the two of us meet,
Like the face of an ocean, so open and deep.
I feel like a sailor who’s drifted ashore
At the edge of a world that is new to explore.
With valleys and mountains, so craggy and steep,
They dare me to climb, and they dare me to leap
Then a kiss on the lips gives me a tug
And I’m falling into a
Bottomless love.
Bottomless love.

Now, gravity has me. There’s no way to know.
What kind of a landing is waiting below.
Is it hard? Is it soft? Is it fire? Is it ice?
Could it be the place that they call Paradise?
Or if we go on giving the best we can give,
We might keep a-falling as long as we live –
I don’t have a notion, which way is up,
‘Cause I’m falling into a
Bottomless love.
Bottomless love.

Bottomless love.
My world’s still spinning around.
Bottomless love.
Letting go, and I know that you won’t let me down.

Now, I’m sitting with you on the floor of the hall.
You’re pointing to pictures hung up on the wall,
Of people and places who played you a part
In planting the seeds in the soil of your heart.
And all in a moment, I’m lost and I’m found.
I’m learning to fall with my feet on the ground.
I give you my hand, and you give me a shove,
And I’m falling into a
Bottomless love.
Bottomless love.

Bluebonnet Border SkinnyWords and music © 2008 by Steve Brooks and Frog Records
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