I’ll Pretend to be Your Prince

I’ll Pretend to be Your Prince

A Cinderella story for the Great Recession. The royal character in the photo is Davis Ethridge, a.k.a. the Korndog King, who enlivens Austin musical and domino gatherings with his real mandolin and cardboard crown. He and wife Sherry (on the right) were part of the inspiration for this song.

I’ve never been an old Prince Charming,
Though there’s times I’ve tried to be.
Looked for spots to park my heart in,
Where I could not afford the fee.
I have sought my Cinderella
On many a midnight dancing floor,
But I’m an ordinary fella,
Any princess would ignore.

But you and I could be
A royal family.
I’d be easy to convince.
You pretend to be my princess,
And I’ll pretend to be your prince.

You’ve never worn a crystal slipper.
You’ll never wed a head of state.
You have to hire a baby sitter
Just to go out upon a date.
And if no man can recognize you,
In your tee shirt and your jeans,
Any man who wouldn’t prize you
Is missing out upon a queen.

Now, my house, it ain’t no castle.
It could use a handyman.
But anyhow, who needs the hassle
To keep a castle spic-and-span?
But you can share in all my treasure,
Though it’s not in precious stones,
And as long as we’re together,
I will put you on a throne.

And though we may be poor
In things this world adores,
We’re rich in love and common sense,
When you pretend to be my princess,
And I pretend to be your prince.

Bluebonnet Border SkinnyWords and music © 2012 by Steve Brooks
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